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Defining My Style – Part Deux

I’ve been thinking a lot about who my ideal client is and the easiest way of defining my style.  I did it a few years ago here, but with my recent switch to film, I’ve been wondering if perhaps that means my client base has changed.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to connect with down to earth, funny, full of personality, crazy-good-in-front-of-the-camera-even-though-they-say-they’re-awkward kind of people who’s love for each other is obvious and who also tend to have really great and unique style.  So I keep thinking to myself, now that I shoot film, does this change things?
And this self evaluation has led me to an important realization:

My client base is awesome, sexy people.  And the medium I’m using doesn’t change that at all.

In fact, it seems that many of the people who had already booked me before my switch to film, were super stoked on the idea of medium format and 35mm film at their wedding.  So I think that I’m still the same girl, same ideals, same style, same clients… just changed the medium (to something that seriously rocks my world… so I’m like… WAY more into it… if you can even imagine).

But a part of me still feels like I need to redefine myself a bit.  Even if it’s sort of redundant.

So here goes:

Defining My Style – Part Deux

defining my style

If you’re having a huge, elaborate wedding because you want to get published, then I’m probably not the photographer for you.  Not that I don’t get published, or enjoy being published.  But I don’t want to shoot for a publication.  I want to shoot for you.  I want to be authentic in what I’m capturing because it captures your experience and your emotions.  I don’t want to be thinking “if I shoot it this way, will it get published?” because that sucks the spontaneity and creativity right out of me.  And I like being spontaneous; trying things that might not work but if they did OMG how awesome would that be?!  And I tend to see and do things differently.  And it might not be a publishable kind of different, but it might just be your absolute-favorite-photo-from-your-entire-wedding kind of different.  And I don’t want to miss that because I’m worried about some editor.

So if your ultimate goal is to have your wedding shared on Style Me Pretty, then I’d say we’re probably not a good match.  But if your ultimate goal is to have an amazing wedding, marry the one you love, and have photos that help you relive your day over and over, and then getting published on Style Me Pretty would be a bonus that you’d enjoy should it happen; then we’d probably get along fine.


Does this mean that I don’t like gorgeous florals?  Or amazing venues?  Or meaningful details?  Hells no!  I love all of those things.  But not because they are publishable.  Because each little detail brings me a little closer to who you are and what brought you to where you are now.  It helps me connect, and know your story.  And that’s one of my favorite things about my job.  Knowing that your favorite flowers are hydrangeas because you used to summer in Nantucket.  Or that your Gram’s ring is the something borrowed and something blue and she was married for 55 years, had a thing for sapphires and just happens to be where you got your spunky personality from.

The more I learn about you, the more connected I feel, and the more connected I feel, the happier I get and the happier I get, the better I shoot and it’s all this crazy happy upwards spiral which is apparent by the increasing high pitch of the squeals I make as I take photos. (though the low guttural grunts are good too… sometimes better)

So, if you’re having a beautiful wedding that reflects the beauty of the relationship that you have, then we’ll be a great match.  I love good design, I enjoy beautiful things.  And I can shoot the shit out of details.  But the real focus of the wedding is you.  Your marriage.  Your love.  And the point of the photos is to remember the day, the moments, the emotions. And to enjoy and remember the meaningful details that you brought forth for your day to show who you are and the depth of your love.


I may have changed my medium to film from digital, but I’m still a whore for backlight.  And, apparently, I’m still okay with saying things like “whore for backlight” and “that’s what she said”.  Cause that’s who I am.  I like to have fun.  I like to lighten the mood.  Laughter IS light.  And if there’s no light, I’m like a dragon hunter without a dragon.  (I realize that is the ULTIMATE nerd reference… I’m not actually THAT nerdy… it’s just the only metaphor I’ve found that fits the bill).  So I’m going to lighten the mood, and I’m going to search for the literal best light.  And I’m probably going to put your back to it.  And now, I will stick my light meter under your chin, or right at your boob line, which is really the only difference now that I shoot film.

My name is Trish.  I’m a film photographer. I live in Maui.  I’m open to traveling anywhere (TUSCANY, TUSCANY, TUSCANY).  I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.  To the point, no nonsense.  And I would love to shoot the shit out of your wedding.

There.  I said it.

  • MonicaJune 18, 2016 - 1:38 am

    No matter what you use, we loves you.ReplyCancel

  • jaineJune 21, 2016 - 1:01 pm

    love your new focus!! xoReplyCancel

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