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Defining My Style | Maui Wedding Photographer Revealed

I recently had my first experience with a bride who was not head-over-heals-in-love with the photos I took of her wedding.  I shot her wedding with the same vim and vigor I always shoot, sent the link to her photos proudly to her… but alas, she was unhappy.  Actually very unhappy.  In fact, she didn’t have a single positive thing to say.  And ironically, the things that she mentioned being unhappy with (random shots, unique angles, backlighting and flare) are all signatures of my style.  All the things that I love about shooting and that I feel define me as an artist, she pinpointed as being the source of her disappointment.

As much as I genuinely want every bride to absolutely love their photos, and I’m disappointed that she doesn’t, you have a responsibility as a consumer to know your vendor.  Photography is about style.  There is no right or wrong (well… there’s definitely wrong…  😉  You just have to make sure you connect with a photographer who’s style matches what you’re looking for.  For me, you can find out details about my approach to shooting and my personality on my About page on my website.  Or, check out my promo video on my home page.

Additionally, I’m taking this opportunity to define my style very clearly.  I’m not the photographer for everyone (and I don’t want to be), but if I’m YOUR photographer, I want it to be a great experience and for you to absolutely treasure your photos.

So, here I am… stripped down to my skivvies…

Trish’s Style Unveiled

#1 – Imperfection… Perfection… What’s the difference?

I shoot as things happen.  I see it and quickly snap before the moment is gone.  It might be a bit out of focus, it might not be technically perfect, but there’s an energy to it… a mood.  To me, imperfect is real and because of that, it’s perfect.


#2 – A Little Bit Random Now

I shoot how I see things.  I notice little snippets here and there and I shoot them.  I am very detail oriented and see in details (which brides who put tons of energy into their details REALLY appreciate).  So you will have lots of detail shots, and they won’t always be your straight on bouquet shot.  I also like compelling and interesting images.  So sometimes I’ll play with reflections or shoot through a broken window.



#3 – Can we speak candidly?

Why, yes.  Yes you can.  In fact, some of my favorite shots are taken when people are just hanging out and being themselves and they don’t even know I’m shooting.  I DO NOT like posed looking shots.  I mean, I obviously take the formals and traditional group photos because I kind of feel no wedding would be complete without them, but if I have a choice between a super-posed cheese at the camera shot or a genuine interaction shot… I’m gonna go for genuine.


#4- It’s flaringly obvious.

At least, I thought it was.  But just incase you didn’t realize that I’m absolutely in love with backlighting and sun flare based on it’s presence in almost all of my published work, I thought I’d tell you.  I’m absolutely in love with backlighting and sun flare.  I also, as a humble photographer, can not change the location of the sun.  So, if you don’t like backlighting and sun flare and are having an outdoor ceremony, discuss this with your wedding planner or wedding venue to find out where you can set up your ceremony to avoid these things.

#5 – Please don’t flash me

I love natural light and the way it creates a mood and an ambience and mirrors how we actually see things in the world.  To add fill flash tends to kill it for me.  So I don’t do it… unless I absolutely have to.  So even at your reception, even if it’s dark, though you may see me with my flash on for some shots, you’ll likely more often see me cranking my ISO on my nearly night vision camera (I love you D4!!!).


#6 – It’s pretty black and white.

Or should I say… black and white… it’s pretty.  And I love it.  Very obviously.  The simplicity black and white imparts, specifically on getting ready shots or shots of interactions between people, I just can’t resist.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know you chose your color scheme carefully and likely chose Maui for it’s beautiful bright colors.  So 60-75% of your photos will be color.  But my personal favorites are almost always black and white.

#7 – Trish is Trish.

There’s just no getting around it.  If Trish is shooting your wedding, then you’re going to get HUMOR, POSITIVITY, WARMTH, ENERGY, STRENGTH AND A SENSE OF EASE.  (you will also get great photos ;))  That’s what I bring to the table because that’s my essence.  And I’m very good at capturing the essence of others and of special moments because I’m very much in touch with and comfortable with who I am.  But it is important to understand that I, or any other photographer for that matter, can only shoot what’s there.  I shoot what I see and try to shoot it in it’s best light.  I have a gift for capturing real moments, because I am, myself, real.  And I am honest.  So are my photos.

If that’s your thing, let’s chat about how we can work together to create photos you’ll LOVE.

  • Katy SorbonneOctober 23, 2012 - 4:28 am

    Trish, this is written so wonderfully. After having worked with you already I love seeing how you describe your style… to a T. And this is why we loved having you as our photographer. You were everything we could’ve dreamed of; energy when we needed it, quietly observing when we we in our own little world, humor when we were being silly, and catching the moments that you knew would be precious to us… all of them. In your words you may not be the photographer for everyone… but you were the one for us. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • AshleyOctober 23, 2012 - 4:33 pm

    Wow, I wish more photographers would be this clear about their style and vision. I love the examples you gave, I wish I had hired you for my wedding. :(ReplyCancel

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